Diagnostic and Repair Station: RepairXpert

Overview of RepairXpert

RepairXpert is a revolutionary repair station that offers unique features to tester users. This software is operational in just a few clicks, with minimal configuration and maximum simplicity, making it an exceptionally efficient tool.

Product Details:

Automatic Reading Mode: RepairXpert automatically reads tester files in the configured directory and extracts faults and defects, simplifying the diagnostic process.

Data Traceability: Test data is stored in a database, ensuring complete traceability of electronic cards throughout the repair process.

Facilitated Identification: A barcode entry field allows quick identification of the product to be repaired, with immediate display of the list of defects associated with the entered serial number.

Repair History: For each identical fault, repair history is available, including repair codes and associated comments.

Automatic Panel Definition: RepairXpert can automatically define the panel to be repaired using tester data (available only on certain testers), simplifying the process.

Pin Display: The tool displays the list of pins for a node or component, making it easier to identify specific issues.

Repair Ticket Generation: For each repaired fault, the software allows entry of a repair code, with the option to generate a repair ticket for precise tracking.

RepairXpert revolutionizes the way repairs are conducted by offering a user-friendly interface and innovative features. It simplifies the repair process while ensuring complete traceability, thereby enhancing the efficiency and accuracy of electronic card repair.

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