Documentation Creation : DocXpress

DocXpress Overview

DocXpress, at the core of our software suite focused on simplicity and assistance in creation, is dedicated to designing instruction sheets for PCB (Printed Circuit Board) manufacturing. One of the crucial steps in PCB manufacturing is creating detailed documentation to guide the production process. DocXpress is designed to streamline and optimize this process, offering dynamic and user-friendly features to meet the specific needs of the electronics industry.

Dynamic Documentation Creation and Modification

DocXpress allows for dynamic creation and modification of documentation, providing essential flexibility in an ever-evolving manufacturing environment. You can customize each view independently, group components, and choose colors for clear and efficient visual representation.

Intuitive Component Selection Query

Selecting the appropriate components for your documentation is simplified with an intuitive query tool. You can quickly search and choose the components you need, ensuring that your instructions are precise and complete.

Import of Images and External Documents

DocXpress offers the ability to import images and external documents to enrich your instruction sheets. This allows you to integrate illustrations, diagrams, technical specifications, and other relevant resources for comprehensive documentation.

Intuitive Navigation

The user interface of DocXpress simplifies navigation, offering distinct design and navigation modes for a seamless experience. You can easily switch between creating and viewing your instruction sheets.

Dynamic Link with the Card Viewer

DocXpress is closely linked to the card viewer, allowing for seamless integration. You can display a PCB’s photo directly in the viewer for enhanced visualization, ensuring a better understanding of the final product.

Paperless Viewing and High-Quality (HQ) Printing

DocXpress offers exceptional flexibility in document distribution. Firstly, it promotes a ‘paperless’ environment by including a document viewer. This enables users to view documentation on-screen, improving efficiency and update speed.

Furthermore, DocXpress allows you to generate vectorized PDF files, which you can print with exceptional quality or view on-screen. Vectorized PDF files offer optimal resolution, ensuring sharp images and text. Additionally, they allow for component name and other information searches.

With DocXpress, you can choose the method that best suits your needs: on-screen viewing or high-quality printing. This versatility allows you to update, distribute, and archive your instructions efficiently while contributing to a more sustainable manufacturing environment. DocXpress offers the best of both worlds, combining the convenience of on-screen viewing with HQ printing quality.

DocXpress represents Accelonix’s commitment to providing advanced software solutions to meet the unique needs of the PCB manufacturing industry. With its powerful and user-friendly features, DocXpress simplifies instruction sheet creation, enhancing the quality and efficiency of your production process. By adopting a ‘paperless’ or ‘print’ approach and integrating images and external documents, you can quickly update and distribute your instructions while contributing to a more sustainable manufacturing environment. With DocXpress, creating documentation for PCB manufacturing becomes a smoother and more efficient process.

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