First Article Inspection Software: InspectionXpress

InspectionXpress is a powerful solution for the inspection of the first-off pcb from a new manufacturing set-up. Additional uses are for the inspection of prototypes, small-series prototyping, sampling, final inspection…

Innovative and intuitive user

Saving valuable time, the software uses a revolutionary algorithm to modify the images that are captured and display adapted images to the user in such a way that all components of the same type are displayed together side by side on the same view. This approach make the solution particularly suitable for inspecting SMD circuits.

Increasing production line availability

Downtime for first article inspection is greatly reduced; it releases valuable production line time and increases overall profitability.

Increasing quality and overall reliability

100% of inspected components, it requires no learning phase, it may incorporate a customer layout to build reference. Inspection Xpress does not compromise with inspection quality.

Reducing inspection time

The manipulated display of the captured images into ordered rows provides a significant decrease in inspection time, approximately by a factor of 2 – 5 times. Quality control of first article inspection becomes fast and reliable.

Inspecting 100% of the components

InspectionXpress does not sacrifice inspection quality by going faster – it presents the user with all the components of a product and can be used on all types of components – THT or SMD.

Fast and flexible to implement

No programming, quick start, the application has been optimized for use with typical data available in a production workshop.

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