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New Product Introduction (NPI) Solution dedicated to the world of PCB manufacturing

FabXpert is a software solution and digital data management tool designed for the electronic circuit manufacturing industry. It addresses various needs by offering specialized modules for manufacturing, testing, creating work instructions, test coverage, and repair station.

Starting from design data all the way to production data creation, FabXpert is a robust and user-friendly solution with an innovative approach for the user!

The tool’s philosophy is to place the user and their needs at the center of our concerns.

A Completely Integrated Solution


FabXpert is a modular software that provides a fully integrated solution for electronic circuit manufacturing.

A project created within FabXpert can be utilized across various applications including manufacturing, testing, documentation, and test coverage.

This seamless integration ensures complete data consistency and facilitates collaboration among different teams throughout the manufacturing process.

Importer of GERBER, DXF, and Image Files


Gerber and DXF data can be imported either alone or in addition to CAD data, allowing all data sources to be grouped within a single project.

FabXpert enables the overlay of electronic circuit images, aiding the user in tasks like fine-tuning and optimization.

Importer of Bill of Materials (BOM), Graphics, and Configurable Data


It supports both text and Excel formats, and its graphical configuration allows the creation of profiles, offering advanced features for processing various formats.

The BOM importer automatically classifies components as assembled or non-assembled, validating data integrity.

Pre-processing features accelerate project preparation, preselect components, create groups, and distribute components, facilitating data processing.

Electrical schematic


Fabxpert comes standard with an electrical schematic importer. It allows you to synchronize the CAD data displayed in the viewer with the electrical schematic.

This synchronization is present in the viewer, but also in our electrical data editors, making it easier to identify the work that needs to be done in the context of a test program development, for example, but also helping in the diagnosis of a failure with the repair station.

Schematic visualization is available in all modules, manufacturing, testing, test coverage, and repair station.

CAD data viewer, fast and configurable


The data viewer is a fundamental element in an NPI solution. It must be fast, configurable, and offer all the features expected by the user.

It allows you to visualize all the layers of a project, component drawings, and fully customizable layer display (visualization, color, transparency, etc.), but also to switch from one side of the product to the other, search for components, nets, perform measurements, visualize documentation, etc.

Dedicated project preparation editors with integrated assistants


Our philosophy is to assist the user as much as possible in enriching a project. It is necessary to add information while being sure not to forget anything so that the post-processing is more efficient.

We have integrated into our editors assistants, validation tools, filtering tools, sorting tools, and coloring tools that will help to improve efficiency and reliability.

Pin definitions and analysis tools (DFT)


The pin definition module (position of a test needle, for traditional or mobile probe tester) has all the tools necessary to select these positions. In addition to the creation of profiles that allow the definition of a project to be reused from one project to another, this module has the following features:

  • Definition of the type of elements that can be used (test points, vias, etc.)
  • Number of pins
  • Pin numbering
  • Physical constraints

A report is generated for each selection and is accessible dynamically in the software interface. A click allows you to select the inaccessible equipotential in the viewer and graphically identify the selection failure.

The module also allows you to manage pins manually, create, move, and delete them.

A standard analysis tool is available. It allows you to link the pin selection to the components and, depending on the technology of your tester (single-sided / double-sided), establish an access level. This analysis tool allows you to add virtual pins to evaluate accessibility and create a report that can be shared with a design office.



FabXpert comes standard with a panelization module, allowing for several duplication methods: image, Gerber data, or theoretical data.

The duplication of blocks of boards and the duplication preview are advanced features.

Many output interfaces available


The manufacturing module of FabXpert allows you to interface with many placement machines, as well as SPI, AOI, and electrical testers, bed of nails or mobile probes. These output interfaces are extremely customizable with many features, depending on the type of tester.

It also has a generic interface that allows you to create your own output formats.

Panelization is taken into account in all interfaces.

System libraries


Once a project is finalized, it is always a good idea to capitalize on the work done. FabXpert allows you to create as many libraries as you want.

Libraries accumulate electrical and physical characteristics.

A project/library or library/project update mechanism is available, it can be triggered automatically by the software or by the user.

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