Statistical Analysis of Production Data: StatXpert

Optimize Your Production Process through Statistical Analysis

StatXpert is a powerful statistical analysis tool designed to help you validate the stability of your programs, ensure the accuracy of your production processes, track their evolution over time, and assess the impact of changes during production.

Product Details:

  • Key Statistical Indicators: StatXpert calculates key statistical indicators such as Cp, CpK, standard deviation, etc., allowing you to validate the stability and performance of your processes.
  • Advanced Controls and Filters: The tool offers a multitude of controls, sorts, and filters to facilitate analysis by matching measurements with results. This feature ensures in-depth exploration of your data.
  • Easy Data Collection: StatXpert enables you to quickly and easily collect data from your testers and production machines, even in the absence of certain general data such as product name, product version, program version, lot number, etc.
  • Integrated Reports: The software provides numerous integrated reports in PDF format, simplifying the communication of analysis results.
  • Interactivity: StatXpert is built around a relational database that centralizes data from various sources. It offers statistical analysis tools as well as an interactive graphical tool to visualize measurement trends over time, all without requiring prior configuration.

Why Choose StatXpert?

  • Easy to Use: StatXpert is user-friendly and straightforward, making it easy for your team to adopt.

  • Intuitive Graphical Analysis: The tool allows for quick and intuitive graphical analysis, providing a visual understanding of your data.

  • Responsiveness: StatXpert provides rapid analysis feedback to production, enabling real-time informed decision-making.

  • Improved Process Control: By monitoring drifts, changes, and developments, StatXpert contributes to improving your production process control.

  • Increased Number of Conforming Cards: Through precise analysis, you can increase the number of conforming electronic cards, ensuring product quality.

StatXpert also serves PCB manufacturers’ customers who are concerned about verifying the quality of manufacturing processes and tests implemented.

StatXpert revolutionizes how you analyze your production data. It offers advanced features within a user-friendly interface, enhancing the quality and reliability of your manufacturing processes.

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