Interactive test coverage analysis For PCB


CoverageXpert is an interactive, programming-free tool designed to assess the test coverage of an electronic circuit board and generate detailed reports on this coverage.

Developed by Accelonix Software, this application leverages the expertise of our technicians and engineers, with over 20 years of experience in the field of electrical testing.

Project manager

Project Manager

Project Manager is a tool for managing Accelonix Software applications. It allows for:

Importer design data

Importer of Various Design Data

Input data, which can come from different sources, is fundamental in the creation of a project. These data can be grouped into a single project.

CoverageXpert supports:

PCB Production line usage

Where CoverageXpert® can be used?

Our applications can be used at multiple levels of your PCB production line. Here is an example.

Bill of Materials (BOM) for PCB Assembly

The BOM is a complete inventory of the elements necessary to manufacture a product. It allows for the entry of product codes, values, quantities, etc.

In addition to CAD data, the BOM importer has the following functions:

The BOM importer’s pre-processing features accelerate project preparation, preselect components, create groups, and distribute components, facilitating data processing.

Electrical Schematic

FabXpert comes standard with an electrical schematic importer. It allows you to synchronize the CAD data displayed in the viewer with the electrical schematic.

AOI machine

Machine Data

CoverageXpert supports a wide variety of different formats. Imported files allow for the creation of test definitions (test steps, test sequences, etc.), thus comparing practical aspects with theoretical ones.

In cases where a machine (or process) cannot extract coherent data, CoverageXpert allows for the manual creation of test definitions for any type of machine.

Test Coverage Analysis

The analysis can be performed using two methods:

Calculation rules for scores are configurable, allowing for interactive analysis adjustments to account for board-specific characteristics, certain tests, and specific testers.

Test Coverage Results

For each part:

Prioritization of scores highlights components that appear to be insufficiently tested.

Test Coverage Reports

CoverageXpert simplifies the creation of reports. These detailed reports provide a comprehensive view of test coverage analysis, essential for informed decision-making in PCB manufacturing.